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Frequently ask questions

You will earn $100 for every sale of AVA you personally make. Each of your personal referrals will be required to "pass up" their 2nd sale to you to become fully qualified just as you will be required to do for your inviter! With everyone passing up their 2nd sale to their inviter, leveraged income can be created!

There are NO MONTHLY FEES with this software!

For every QUALIFIED LEAD you generate with your phone number, we will pay you $.10 (10 cents) per qualified lead and you will be paid down 4 levels of team members! A qualified lead is simply anyone who calls your phone number, presses 1 and confirms their email address!

Currently, we are working to bring AVA to as many business owners as possible and are only accepting resellers at this time. If you are interested in using our technology but do not want to be part of our reseller program, please contact us at the email below.

The only other REQUIRED cost is for your usage. You will be charged $.01 per incoming and outgoing text and can purchase as little as $10 in usage to get started once you have activated your account!

We have a 14 day refund policy on the $50 admin fee only.

Create your FREE account here on this page or by texting the words GET STARTED to AVA and then contact us right from within your back office!

You absolutely can customize AVA to fit your needs for an additional fee. You can learn all about this optional membership package once you get started today!

Have more questions...please feel free to contact us